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Hi, I'm Jackie Adams. I'm a Mental Health Professional in New Jersey.

I’m extremely passionate about helping individuals to become the best version of themselves. My counseling is based on understanding, compassion, trust, and respect.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from William Paterson University majoring in Elementary Education. I received my Master's Degree in Community Mental Health from the University of South Florida.

About Me

My Services.

Individuals and Couples

I welcome individuals and couples into my practice desiring change in their life. I serve clients affected by a variety of issues, including substance abuse, relapse prevention, depression, anxiety, healing from infidelity, problems associated with divorce, life transitions and everyday concerns.


I strive to recognize the uniqueness of each person’s life situation and their goals for change. I believe my role as a counselor is to empower people to solve the problems that may be interfering with their everyday lives and instill the ability to make better choices. I work with clients to determine the best course of therapy based on their individual needs. I use many approaches including talk therapy, supportive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance/commitment therapy, and solution-focused therapy. Mental Health Counseling encourages self-awareness, enhancing self-discovery to enable individuals to change and achieve his or her goals.

Counseling is conducted in a private, confidential, and safe environment and can be either short or long term as determined together with each client. My office hours are flexible as I try my best to meet each client’s individual need. I also provide phone and virtual counseling sessions. 

Let's Talk

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life goes on, and it will be better tomorrow."

Maya Angelou

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